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About Montgomery computer repair

Fast and Effective Response to Your Computer Repair Needs

For the personal user, home business or small business owner who needs technical help with their computers, Montgomery Computer Repair provides fast and effective response. We'll get you back up and running without the unnecessary delays that are so common in our industry. We are a locally owned full service Information Technology firm specializing in all aspects of Computer Repair, Consulting services, Customer Software and Web Development beyond any competitor's grasp. Unlike other computer repair companies in Montgomery County, we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you keep using us again and again.

Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Networking
  • Identity Theft Prevention Consulting
  • Custom Software Development without limitations
  • Custom Database Development without limitations
  • Custom Website Development without limitations
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • New System Setups
  • System Optimization for Home or Office
  • Failed Hard Drive Data Extraction
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • File Transfers

Honesty, Integrity and Service Second to None

We have literally earned thousands of loyal and appreciative clients who know what they're getting when they call: honesty, integrity and service second to none.

One thing we find most when speaking to a new or existing client is that the last person or company entrusted with their computer(s) never bothered to ask if the client had anything important to save before performing a virus removal, hard drive replacement, Operating System reinstall, upgrade, or any other service that may cause irreplaceable information to be lost. Since this is a normal occurrence with many of our competitors, we take the extra time necessary to ask important questions concerning why the client called us in the first place. We want to know as many details that are available before beginning the work so that we can arrive to the absolute best resolution possible.
Unlike our larger and less personable competitors that don't know who you are when you contact us, we invite you to call, email or text us if you have a quick question. Wouldn't you rather do this than call one of the big guys and have to provide a credit card number before simply asking them a question?

We Value Your Privacy and Security

Allowing access to your computer or network to someone you may have never met before can be an uncomfortable situation for some, especially since most of us keep our most important and private documents, pictures, emails, contacts, etc. on our computers. The few people we entrust enough to work with us are background-checked and second to none in their field in customer service and skill level. We not only encourage, but insist on an "Out of the box" approach when necessary to complete the task at hand. An up to date, thorough knowledge of the industry and timely response is something that you can count on every time.

Upfront Pricing

Our pricing structure below is defined by any of the following and will be discussed and agreed upon before any work is started:
  • Hourly Rate Pricing
  • Retainer Pricing
  • Project Pricing

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