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Custom Programming

Streamline Your Internal Processes and Reduce Operating Costs

With the economic climate the way that it is, businesses are looking for ways to streamline their internal processes. Greater efficiency between customers, employees and partners can be realized with the utilization of web-based software. Implementing web-based software in your Montgomery and surrounding counties business will greatly reduce operating costs, as well as increase revenue through opportunities that were previously out of reach.

The old standard used to be confined to your company's desktop application software. Web-based software is advantageous as it allows your business to expand into opportunities available on the Internet. Taking advantage of direct-to-consumer opportunities available only through the Internet such as sales, marketing and support is the future. Place your business on the forefront with web-based software development from Montgomery Computer Repair.

All of the web-based software that we develop is customized to meet the specific needs of your Montgomery County business. Our range of services and solutions is virtually limitless. No matter the scale of the project, we have the team to professionally develop your web-based software. Some of the software development that we can do for you includes transaction processing and order fulfillment systems, decision support systems, data and content management, e-commerce and social networking software.

Web-Based Software Services

The process that we follow in the development of web-based software at Montgomery Computer Repair is very thorough. To ensure that we develop the perfect web-based software for your company, we go through the following steps:
Software Consulting
During the consultation, we focus on complete research, insights and experience in order to develop a strategic plan. Our team of software engineers, web-based software architects and interaction designers will work with you to identify the specific software needed, recommend relevant technologies and design a time-line based project plan.
Web-Based Software Architecture
A critical part of the development of any web-based software is proper architecture and design. Architecture and design is critical to determine usability as well as creating a detailed mapping of the software's structure, interface and inner workings.
Web-Based Software Development
During the development phase of the project, we design the software, thoroughly test it and debug it. Web-based software is typically integrated into a company's website through the Content Management System. This provides a platform for precise data, content and information sharing.
Custom Database Design
In any custom web-based software, the database design is very important to the success of the software. That is why we will spend time with you to ensure that the organization of your company's data is perfect for the purpose of the web-based software. It will also be designed for ease of use by the system administrators that will be working on your data.

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Through our meticulous planning, architecture and design, we will develop web-based software that will provide exceptional efficiencies for your business. Call us at 936-788-8412 or send us an email to discuss your custom programming needs.
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